Four Motorcycle Helmets that Proved to Provide the Most Safety in 2016

Accidents are hard to avoid, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle. This holds true no matter how careful you are. However, it’s possible to protect yourself from suffering serious physical injuries by wearing a helmet. Here are some of the best helmets that are proven to be safe. On the other hand, if you’re wondering about the common causes of motorcycle accidents and why hiring a lawyer is important, you can find that information right here.

1. Shark Evoline
The Shark Evoline is one of the few helmets that has a Lexan Polycarbonate shell. This offers optimum protection against high impact crashes. Aside from that, the Shark Evoline is also ECE 2205 and DOT approved. It comes with a chinbar Auto-Up system that provides easy manipulation, and it’s also ECE 2205 certified in both open and closed positions. For the weight, it weighs around 200 grams, and its design can also cut out the noise.

2. Omega Motorcycle Helmet
For those who are in search of a premium quality motorcycle helmet that could also protect your face, this one is for you; The Omega Full Face motorcycle helmet is made up of multi-density EPS and it’s best known for the ability to stay rigid even during a strong force crash. With this helmet, you’ll have the assurance that you’d be safe from serious injuries. Aside from that, this helmet also offers comfort due to its breathable fabric placed inside. You’ll have the ventilation you need, especially during hot summer days. However, the real highlight would be the Twin Shield System as it provides clarity you need when driving.

3. ILM Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Helmet
This modular helmet of DOT should definitely be a part of your safest motorcycle helmet at an affordable price. It’s not only stylish, but it’s also feature-rich. Not just that, the most wonderful thing about this helmet is that it’s very affordable. Despite its remarkable quality, it’s cheaper than most of premium models out there. Though, what really made this helmet quite popular would be its adaptable design that gives you the versatility you need. It can be used as a full-face helmet that offers maximum protection, and you can also use it as an open-face helmet for those who prefers ventilation and would love to enjoy the breeze while driving. The design of this helmet has also been perfected to reduce the incursion of wind noise. That means even if you’re driving at high speed, you don’t have to be discomposed by the wind noise. Let’s not forget the EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner it also has. It’s one of the features that provides safety because it could effectively absorb the shock during a motorcycle accident.

4. Bell Solid Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet
The Bell Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet is a full face helmet that offers great protection at a very affordable price. It’s made to be highly aerodynamic with minimal or no pounding at all, even when you’re riding at extreme speeds. Aside from that, you can also open the sides to enjoy maximum ventilation.